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                    Add:Ji Hua West Road Chancheng Foshan

                    Your present position:About us >Message President
                    Message President

                    Message President


                    Foshan Haiqiman Ceramics Co., Ltd. through the revision to upgrade to a new, fresh, warm look again to meet with you, and welcome you into the www.www.hmlks.com. Thank you friends, guests and colleagues on the sea-Chi Man ceramics concern, trust and support. Your concern is my company's development base; your trust is my driving force for development of the company; your support is my company guarantee.

                    Network transmission information, tiles and promote friendship. Pages of information, though limited, friendship is the limitless expanse of space. Your clicks today so that we meet acquaintance. Whether you are in that country (region) of friends, today's encounter has already opened up our communication and exchange between window, we will do our best to provide you with a wealth of products, quality service.

                    Once again, thank you for your Sea-Chi Man ceramics trust, sincerely hope that you continue to give us support and trust.

                    Carefully to create exciting, quality brand success.

                    Haiqiman Ceramics Co., Ltd. Chairman of Yue Pengfei

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